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Vinyl Cleaning Wellington

The difference is amazing!

Vinyl Cleaning Wellington Before and After Photos

Like any covering vinyl needs caring for to withstand the test of time, we recommend a full strip with extract steam clean then a seal and polish to rejuvenate your vinyl floors.  Whether it is a commercial property or just your kitchen floor at home, we can provide you a written quote.

The polish take time to cure, we recommend not walking on it for 24 hours.  If you must walk on it do so without shoes or you could end up with shoe prints!

Residential or Commercial

Here is a quick breakdown of how we clean your vinyl floor coverings:

  1. Vacuum
  2. Apply Stripper Treatment
  3. Rotary Scrub to Remove Old Sealer
  4. Steam Extract
  5. Apply New Sealant Coat (2 - 4 Coats)
  6. Buff Polish 24 hours Later (if required)

Scratches to the vinyl cannot be cleaned off so please be careful not to drag items across your vinyl surface.