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we have partnered with Chemwash Cleaning Ltd

Carpet Cleaning Wellington

We believe in providing the best possible quality of workmanship and service, at a fair price.  We clean carpet to the New Zealand carpet cleaning standard (AS/NZ 3733:1995) and all our technicians are trained to industry standards.

Choosing the right company to clean your carpets is very important, using inexperienced carpet cleaners or hiring a machine and doing it yourself can be very dangerous and end up costing you more money, time and stress than hiring a professional do the job.

All our work is satisfaction guaranteed (money back if you're not happy, no if's or but's).  We would love you to become one of our happy customers.

Keeping your carpet clean and healthy is our business.

We can also restore your vinyl, take a quick look at our vinyl cleaning page for some amazing before and after shots.

If you are interested in prolonging the life of your carpet or upholstery then you definitely should have a read about our fabric protection service.

We are more than just carpet cleaners.

We have also been pest controlling since 2006 here in Wellington, a simple exterior barrier spray can be enough to rid your home of creeply crawlies for an entire year, our team is professionally trained and all hold current approved handler certificates.

Frequently asked questions :

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

The New Zealand standard recommends having your carpets professionally steam cleaned once every 12 months. Not only will your carpets look & feel better, but it will benefit you and your family's health. Carpet acts like a filter in your home, all of the dust particles, pollutants, dirt, tiny metals etc become trapped amongst the fibres and can act like sand paper rubbing against the carpet fibres leaving them looking dull and worn if not cleaned out.

Are the products you use safe?  What about if I have crawling children?

Absolutely 100% safe and non toxic, our steam cleaning does not leave any residue on the carpet like a lot of other companies do. It is safer for your children to crawl and play on the carpet straight after it has been cleaned (even if it's damp), than it is for them to play on it before we have cleaned it. This is because all the tiny dust particles and other nasties that can cause respiratory problems have been removed from the carpet fibres.

How long does it take to dry?

The room that we clean first will normally be dry by the time we have finished the job. In the summer months on average it takes about 4 hours to completely dry, but we provide all our customers with shoe covers so you can walk on your carpet as soon as we have finished the job. If we are worried about drying times we will leave a turbo drier at your house overnight, at no extra cost!

How come a Chemwash van turned up not a Hurricane van?

We have recently partnered with Chemwash Cleaning Ltd, Sam who is the owner/operator of Hurricane Cleaning Ltd is now a Director of Chemwash Cleaning Ltd.  It made sense to combine forces and run out of one office instead of two.  Rest assured the staff, equipment and cleaning techniques are all exactly the same as previous years so the service will be identical (except there will be a green van instead of a yellow one in your driveway!).

Free Quotes Provided (without hidden or extra charges)

The amount we quote is the max price you will pay on the day, unless of course you want to add extra rooms, upholstery, or protection. We never charge extra than you have been quoted (like many other companies do, be sure to ask about this if requesting multiple quotes).  Stain removal, deoderising etc is all included in our quoted prices.

We are a reputable and professional carpet cleaning company and will carry out the work to the approved standards in New Zealand.

We believe our 8 stage carpet clean is the best carpet clean money can buy, and we guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back! Our aim is to provide you with the best possible clean that fits inside your budget. Contact us today for a free written quotation.