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About Hurricane Cleaning

Sam Courtenay

Welcome to Hurricane / Chemwash Carpet Cleaning, my name is Sam Courtenay and I am the Director.  We are a Wellington based operation who specalise in Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) in both the residential and commercial markets.

We enjoy the challenge of cleaning carpets to a high standard, there is a lot of job satisfaction associated with our line of work.

Hurricane Carpet Cleaning has been around since 2006, since then we have built up a client database which includes not only residential customers but also property managers, real estate agents, government departments, childcare centres, hospitals, and all other different types of businesses around Wellington.

In April 2014 I merged Hurricane Carpet Cleaning Ltd with Chemwash Cleaning Ltd which I am also a Director of.  Nothing has changed in our business structure except we now drive a Chemwash van and all quotations and invoices will have a Chemwash letterhead instead of a Hurricane.

We believe in providing the best quality work & service at a fair price.  We clean carpets to the New Zealand carpet cleaning standard (AS/NZS 3733:1995).  This standard recommends that carpets should be steam cleaned at least every 12 months.

We also provide encapsulation dry carpet cleaning, this type of clean is for clients who require their carpets to be dried super fast (30 minute drying times).  While the results are amazing, we class these types of cleaning methods as maintenance cleans and would still recommend your carpets be steam cleaned at least every 12 months if possible.

The other side to our business is an urban pest management service, if you are interested visit our pest control website.

Chemwash Cleaning is an exterior house washing company which has been in business for more than 25 years